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OSDD Centre at School of Biotechnology, KIIT University

Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) is a venture of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) team India consortium with a vision to provide affordable health care with discovering novel therapies for neglected tropical diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. The School of Biotechnology (SBT), KIIT University has been selected as one of the centre to engage in research activities on drug discoveries for Tuberculosis. This is a unique program in which even the students projects are sponsored by OSDD, CSIR initiative.

In this program 18 master students from School of Biotechnology are actively working on two projects under the supervision of Dr. Avinash Sonawane, Assistant Professor, School Of Biotechnology, KIIT University in collaboration with Dr. Debasish Dash, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), Delhi, and Dr. Sulagna Banerjee, University of Minnesota, USA.

Project 1 : Elucidation of GlmU (Rv1018c) as Drug target

GlmU has been identified as one of the potential drug targets for the treatment of TB. In this project, we plan to mutate specific amino acids identified by Dr. Debasish Das’s laboratory, which are involved in protein-ligand interactions. We will construct mutants by Site Directed Mutagenesis and the GlmU activity of these mutants will be checked. These mutants will be deposited in OSDD Bioresource centre.

Project 2 : Identification of Surface glycoproteins as drug targets from Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome

Currently, several bacterial glycosylated proteins are known to play an important role in virulence. In this project, we are studying the functionality of some of newly identified glycoproteins with reference to the Mtb pathogenesity. These novel glycoproteins are identified by Dr. Sulagna Banerjee’s laboratory. We speculate that the proposed work will lead to identify the putative drug targets for the treatment of Mtb infection.

In addition, SBT is also involved in setting-up wet lab centre to carry out OSDD project work, which will be open to the students interested to carry out molecular biology, cell culture, protein expression and purification work under OSDD consortium.

Principle Investigator : Dr. Avinash Sonawane, Assistant Professor, School of Biotechnology, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar
Collaborators : Dr. Debasish Dash, IGIB, New Delhi
  : Dr. Sulagna Banerjee, University of Minnesota, USA
Students participating :
Arpit Kumar Srivastava Faizaan Hassan
J.Sravanti   Saptaparna Sikdar
Sweta Karan     Sneha Singh
Aradhana Sarangi   Chanchal Kumari
Vikas Singh Ishita Rehman
Nidhi Kumari  Kuntal Das
Mrinal Kanti Chatterjee Mousumi Mohapatra
Akanksha Srivastava   Ipsita Pradhan
Gayatri Pradhan Gautami Devi