Campus Placement - 2016
KIIT University Marching towards Cent Percent Placement Again


  • 91 percent of the total number of 3214 registered eligible students in the six schools of KIIT University already placed
  • 229 reputed head-hunting companies have so far visited the campus aggregating 4574 job offers; students got multiple job offers
  • KIIT School of Rural Management posts 100% placement while KIIT School of Bio-technology has posted 98% placement so far followed by Schools of Engineering (92%), School of Law (92%), the School of Computer Applications (84%) and School of Management (83%).
  • Highest salary package received stands at Rs. 33.00 Lakhs P.A. while the average salary package received has worked to Rs. 4.66 Lakhs

Beating Previous Year's Record

While the current placement season is due to end soon, the placement performance has been at one of the outstanding in the KIIT. The total job offers received so far exceeds 4500 which is in itself an all time high in the history of KIIT. With the placement percentage touching 91% so far and as the placement process is still very much active, the university is merrily poised to post 100% placement by the end of the current academic session.  Last year 3627 job offers were received for 2848 registered eligible students (from six schools of the university) for campus placement. It has been an unfailing legacy with KIIT University to post 100% placement.

Huge Success on Day-1

On the Day-1 of the campus recruitment season this year itself 3800 job offers were received from major recruiting companies like Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, and Infosys. While Accenture led the race with 1414 job offers, Wipro, Cognizant and Infosys followed with 899, 705 and 388 job offers respectively. The industry experts said that it was rare for any institution in any campus in the country to receive so many job offers on the day-1 of the placement season vis-a-vis the number of the registered eligible students.

Multiple Job Offers For Most Students

KIIT's growing relationship with the corporate has been attracting more and more companies queuing up to visit our campus for recruiting fresh graduates. Companies are competing with each other to recruit the students of KIIT which has led to creation of ever larger number of job offers for our graduands. In the current placement season a total of 4574 job offers were received by 3214 registered eligible students across six major schools of KIIT University which means most students got away with multiple job offers.

High Salary Package Realised

The salary package offered by companies to the fresh graduates in a campus recruitment process is a definite indicator of the company's appreciation of the quality of the students. KIIT University is one of the pioneering institutes in the country which meticulously trains its students to job ready right from the start of their careers. With every passing year the average salary realization by our passing out graduates has been on the rising trend. The average salary package realization in this season has been at Rs. 4.66 lakhs per annum. while the highest package netted in the same season is Rs 33 Lakhs (offered by a Japanese MNC); this is a record in itself. So far 229 companies have visited the campus for recruitment. They include reputed national and international companies. More companies are in the queue for visiting the campus for recruitment.

Focus on Academic Placement

KIIT University encourages its passing out graduates to go for further higher education and therefore arranges for rigorous training for the graduands. A large number of students have found placements in various reputed national and international institutions and universities for further higher education in their respective study domains. Students have received admission offers from top universities in Switzerland, France, Norway, Canada, Poland and Germany for Ph. D and other programmes.

KIIT's 100% Placement Legacy

KIIT, which commenced engineering programmes in 1997, and ever since its first batch of graduates passed, has been consistently posting excellent placement figures, made possible because of the institute's innovative and quality faculty driven teaching-learning system that unfailingly brings the best development in the students' academic and job-readiness performance.

A Hearty Congratulation from the Founder

An obviously pleased Achyuta Samanta, the Founder of KIIT & KISS spoke to all the placed out students and congratulated them heartily and asserted that all this was attributable to excellent learning rigor and high quality placement training given to the students at the university.

He also encouraged the students to go for further higher studies and therefore stressed on special preparations for academic placement in reputed institutions all around the world taking advantage of the global links (KIIT has tie ups with over 146 reputed universities and institutions across the globe) that this university has established over the years of hard work. Achyuta Samanta praised the good work done by the Training & Placement Cell, faculty and the students.

Happy parents & guardians

This season's placement, which has been the largest ever so far, spread a wave of overwhelming joy and satisfaction among the students (who come from different parts of the country) and their parents and guardians. An elated parent sent this message soon after learning about his ward's placement, "I have been always sure of my ward's bright future right from the date I had sent him to KIIT." Eyes of many of the anxious parents who were present in the campus turned misty with strong vibrations of gratitude towards the institute and the Founder of KIIT & KISS. The moment was very touchy indeed and why not. It's their ward's most important moment after all.

More Companies in Queue

A confident looking Training & Placement Cell feels that with  the placement season still on (will remain on till the end of June 2016) and a large number of companies are still in queue to visit the campus, the few remaining students shall  also be recruited by the end of the current placement season.

Moreover a number of students will be going out for higher studies in foreign universities and other reputed institutions inside the country.

School Regd. eligible Students No. of Companies Placed Placed % Job Offers
Schools of Engineering 2636 82 2425 92 4030
School of Computer Application 76 25 64 84 78
School of Biotechnology 97 11 95* 98 65
School of Law 113 39 104 92 106
School of Management 259 52 215 83 233
School of Rural Management 33 20 33 100 62
Total 3214 229 2936 91 4574
* Includes academic placement of 50 students.
Placement processes are still continuing in full swing and all Schools are poised to
achieve cent percent placement in the coming weeks.

Record Placement in Schools of Engineering of KIIT for 2016 Passing-Out Batch
4030 jobs from 82 companies; Students bag multiple offers

  • Over 92% students of Schools of Engineering have already bagged job offers
  • 4030 jobs generated in campus so far, most students bag multiple offers. As many as 82 companies have visited the campus.
  • Massive 3800 offers on Day 1 by top companies and multinationals
  • It is rare for any institution of the country to generate so many job offers on Day 1 in ratio to the number of students appearing.
  • Accenture top recruiter with 1414 offers, followed by Wipro (899), Cognizant (705) and Infosys (388)
KIIT University Placement - 2016
No. of Companies in Different Schools
Total companies = 210

In the most remarkable ever performance in campus placement, Schools of Engineering (B.Tech programme) of KIIT University created record 3800 jobs for 2015-16 pass-out batch on Day 1. The four major head-hunting companies - Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant and Infosys - that visited the campus came up with a total 3406 job offers.

While Accenture led the list with 1414 job offers, Wipro, Cognizant and Infosys followed with 899, 705 and 388 job offers respectively. As on March end, as many as 82 companies have visited the campus offering total 4030 jobs and recruiting 92% of the total registered and eligible students. This means many students have got more than one job offers in their hands.

The salary package offered was also higher than the previous years. The highest salary package offered (two students) was Rs. 33 lakh by a Japanese MNC, Work Applications. The average salary in the batch was Rs. 4.5 lakh.

Many early-bird head-hunting companies like Ericsson, Deloitte, iNautix, MU Sigma and Robert Bosch visited the campus even before the start of the current Campus Placement Season.

A senior official of the Training and Placement Cell expressed confidence that a few hundred remaining students of 2016 pass-out batch shall also be placed as visits by many national, international and multi-national companies have been lined up for the up-coming days.

Total job offers have already topped 4000, which is an all time high, he added. Placement activities will continue till June 2016 with many companies scheduled to visit. This apart, many students are likely to join reputed national and foreign institutions for higher studies. KIIT University uniquely places equal emphasis on such academic placement.

It is rare for any institution of the country to generate so many job offers on Day 1 in ratio to the number of students appearing, opined corporate experts. “Though Schools of Engineering has broken all previous records in placement this season, it is not surprising as KIIT has been posting among the highest placement conversion rates in the country”, said Prof. Saranjit Singh, Head of KIIT Placement Cell who have had reasons enough to be pleased with the placement accomplishments. He added, “It is satisfying that all recruiters had very high opinion on the quality of students here.”

The School of Rural Management

The School of Rural Management has already achieved 100% placement with all its 33 graduands securing multiple job offers. 62 job offers were received from 20 recruiting organizations visiting the school this placement season. These organizations were from almost all prominent sectors of the Indian economy: semi-government, cooperative, and corporate. The highest salary realized stands at Rs. 7 Lakhs per annum. whereas the average salary realization worked out to Rs. 4.40 Lakhs per annum. Some of the companies that recruited in the current placement season are:
- Techno Serve (TNS India)
- GCMMF (Amul)
- Bihar and Jharkhand Livelihood Promotion Societies
- DCB Bank
- Annpurna Micro Finance Pvt. Ltd
- Satin Creditcare Network Limited (SCNL)
- E-Commerce Company
- GoCoop

The School of Bio-technology

The School of Bio-technology is close on the heels with all 95 of its 97 eligible students placed in leading Bio-tech companies such as Godrej, Agilent, Nestle, Siemens, VINS Biotech, Syngenta, Intertek, Bionivid Technologies, Scigen Biopharma, Evolva Biotech, BioEra Life Sciences, Britania, etc. Several companies like Lupin Pharma, Zydus cadila, Lal path Lab, Mankind Pharma, etc are in the queue for their visit to the school's campus in the coming days. The highest salary realized is Rs 25 Lakhs per annum whereas the average salary netted was Rs. 3.60 Lakhs. Some students have also received admission offers to top universities in Switzerland, France, Norway, Canada, Poland and Germany for Ph.D programmes and other higher studies.

The School of Computer Applications

The School of Computer Applications comes next with 84% placement so far as 64 of its 76 eligible MCA students have found berths in different IT companies of repute. In the current placement season so far 25 companies visited the school's campus for recruitment; among the prominent ones are Deloitte, Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys, Accenture, Capgemini, GyanSys Infotech, etc.

School of Management

The School of Management has already placed 215 out of 259 eligible and registered students with an average salary realization of Rs. 5.08 Lakhs per annum. The highest salary realized so far in the season has been Rs. 14.80 lakhs per annum (offered by Khimji Ramdas LLC). More than 52 globally reputed companies visited the campus for recruitment which has been an all time high so far. Among the top companies are: TCS, TCS BPS, Dabur, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tech Mahindra, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Futurestep, Spencer Retail, Exide Industries, Vodafone, ITC Ltd, Blue Star, Manipal, Karvy Financials, Waare Energies Limited, Saint Gobain, Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Mahindra Finance, NPCI, ZEE Entertainment, XL Dynamics, etc. By the time the KR went for printing the placement process was still on and it is merrily expected that the placement shall touch 100% by the end of the season.

School of Management Placement - 2016
Total Students & Placed Students

KIIT School of Law

School of Law of KIIT University has achieved an impressive placement performance for its 2016 graduating batch. So far 104 of total 113 eligible and registered students of its five-year integrated law programmes, BA.LL.B, BBA.LL.B and B.Sc.LL.B, have been placed. A record number of 39 recruiters participated in the campus placement process this year. They included reputed law firms like J Sagar Associates, Khaitan & Co. and Wadia Ghandy & Co.; corporate and MNCs like Deloitte, Bajaj Allianz and Ernst & Young; and legal process outsourcing (LPO) service providers like Mindcrest. With the placement process continuing till the month of June, the School is poised to achieve cent percent placement.       

The highest salary of Rs. 21 lakhs (post successful completion of probation) was offered by VDB Loi, an international law firm to a BA.LL.B. (Hons.) student, while the average salary in the batch was Rs. 4 lakh. Chicago-based LPO service provider, Mindcrest, was the top recruiter with 27 offers. KIIT School of Law was established by KIIT University in the year 2007 to meet the growing demand for legal professionals in the wake of globalization and rapid expansion of India's economy. It has been recording excellent placement every year since the first batch graduated in 2012. With equal emphasis on academic placement, many students also find success in higher education institutions in India and abroad. Notably, three students are presently pursuing Masters in Law and Finance from University of Oxford, U.K. In the recent past, students have also received the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and DAAD scholarship.

Some students have also ventured into litigation and legal entrepreneurship, while some others have joined judicial services.

“KIIT School of Law strives to make its students competent to confront the emerging challenges and to respond to the growing dimensions of the legal profession”, said Prof. N. K. Chakrabarti, Director, KIIT School of Law. He attributed the success to the innovative teaching method that provides the best of exposure to the students.

Maintaining a strong academic vibrancy in the campus, the School organises moot court, seminars and workshops throughout the year participated by students and professors of leading law schools and law universities of the country.

Last year, the then Chief Justice of India had inaugurated the All India Seminar on 'Global Legal Education' at KIIT School of Law. The seminar was attended by the judges of the Supreme Court of India, Chief Justices and judges of various High Courts and many other distinguished legal luminaries. As a result, the students get to interact with distinguished personalities from around the world on a continuous basis.

While congratulating the successful students, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT and KISS credited the record placement this year to the combined effort of the students, staff and faculty members of KIIT School of Law, particularly its Placement Cell. KIIT has been able to attract so many globally reputed companies and law firms due to its strong brand, he added.

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