Name Specialization Contact

Prof. Veena Goswami
Senior Professor & Dean

Queueing Theory, Cloud Computing, WiMax [email protected]
Prof. Jnyanaranjan Mohanty
Assoc. Dean
Queueing Theory,Computational Intelligence & Cloud Computing [email protected]
Prof.Sudhanshu Shekhar Patra Algorithms, Cloud Computing [email protected]
Prof.Satyaranjan Dash Soft Computing, Data mining , Cloud Computing [email protected]

Prof. Sadhana Sudarshan

Business Communication, Soft Skills & Professional Communication [email protected]
Prof. Manoj Ranjan Mishra Cryptography & Network Security [email protected]
Prof.Manas Mukul Software Engineering, GIS [email protected]
Prof.Bibhuti Bhusan Dash Sensor network & Bioinformatics [email protected]
Prof. Prachi Vijayeeta Bioinformatics & Soft Computing [email protected]
Prof. Manas Kumar Rath Wireless System network & Bioinformatics [email protected]
Prof. Chinmaya Misra Image Processing, Performance model of WiMax, Soft Computing [email protected]
Prof. Kaish Quiresh Khan Business Communication [email protected]
Prof. Utpal Chandra Dey Image Processing [email protected]
Prof. Rabindra Kumar Barik Database, GIS & SOA [email protected]
Prof. Kamakhya Narain Singh Social network, Sensor network, Web Service [email protected]
Mr. Partha Sarathi Pattnayak Information System [email protected]