ESRUC Conference Inaugurated at KIIT

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The 4th Annual Conference of Eurasian Silk Road Universities Consortium (ESRUC) 2013 was inaugurated at KIIT University on November 1, 2013 in the presence of Prof. Hikmet Kocak, President, ESRUC and Rector, Ataturk University, Turkey, Prof. Mehmet Sisman, Member, Higher Education Council, Turkey, Dr. A. Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS, Prof. P. P. Mathur, Vice Chancellor, KIIT University, Dr. Satyendra Patnaik, Rector and Dr. Sasmita Samanta, Registrar.

The three-day convention, being organized by KIIT University in association with Ataturk University, has ‘Investigating the social, cultural and global issues along the Silk Road’ as its theme and is attended by more than 120 Vice Chancellors and Rectors from 35 countries including India, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cin, France, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Turkey, Malaysia and Mongolian Universities of Eurasian countries.

“India has been enjoying a special importance along Silk Road and it is a privilege to hold this conference in historical city of Bhubaneswar of this country”, said Prof. Kocak at the inaugural ceremony. The ESRUC decided to hold this prestigious international convention in KIIT University because of its wide international exposure. Silk Road has many ethnic and religious identities and India is respected for its multiculturalism, said Prof. Sisman. This historical road was indeed the starting point of globalization, he added.

The ESRUC conferred the title of ‘Honorary Trustee’ on Dr. Samanta for promoting greater understanding of friendship, peace and value of cultural diversity and cross-cultural connections and driving collaborative, sustainable development along the Silk Road. This consortium is a great platform for sharing knowledge and ideas, Dr. Samanta said, while thanking Prof. Kocak for founding ESRUC and giving it shape. Welcoming all delegates to KIIT University, he informed that this is the first convention of its type to be held in Odisha. The convention will contribute to strengthen higher education along the Silk Road, said Prof. Mathur. The members will be deliberating on issues relating to mutual co-operation, joint research, exchange of students and faculties, informed Dr. Patnaik.

As early as 200 BC, the Silk Road provided the only route for riches and ideas between Asia and Europe. This 7000 miles long road was travelled by traders, pilgrims, soldiers and nomads. This entire road is a home to several ethnic groups like Azeri, Chechen, Eherkez, Persian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Pashtun Tajik, Turkman, Uzbek and Mongolians etc. There are many important countries mostly Eurasian across the road where hundreds of Universities are now imparting education to millions of students. With an intention to share and exchange the knowledge amongst the Universities along the Silk Road, the ESRUC was established five years ago with its headquarters in Ataturk University, Turkey.

Every year, the ESRUC convention is held in various member universities which number more than 400 now. Rectors, Vice Chancellors and Senior Professors from 150-200 member universities along with the Vice Chancellors of several Indian Universities are participating.

Dr. Sasmita Samanta proposed the vote of thanks.

MoU's Signed at the event